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Friends of Micklefield

Our parents support group, the 'Friends of Micklefield' has been re-established this year and is now run by Sara Campini, Tanya Nicholls and Joanne Davis. The team are currently very busy re- establishing the group, working on ways we can raise funds and planning how they can introduce some activities for the children.

The Friends of Micklefield group have a history of raising and securing very significant funds previously which has been hugely beneficial to the school and the children, delivering some wonderful events and being able to buy some really fantastic resources which have been very well used.  With the support of all of us we are sure they can continue this fantastic work.  

To join in our monthly raffle please join our Facebook raffle group

Amazing prizes to be won each month and all proceeds go directly into school funds! 

Please keep checking here for ways you can help and for information about upcoming events.